Choir Practice

Music Notice—Bonnie West

Don Grigg is again coming on Thursday May 30 and Sunday June 2 to St John’s. If anyone from St Peter’s would like to be in the choir for this, I think we should plan on practicing together on Thursday May 9, 16 and 23 from 7 - 8:30 pm at St John’s before he meets with us on the 30th.

Please let me know how many are interested in this so I can get music ready. There is an information sheet at the back of the church if you would like more information about Don Grigg and his experience.

Youth Haven Items Needed


Helen Goodeve is collecting hotel toiletries for Youth Haven, please bring to church or call Helen at 705-456-6601. Thank you, Helen, for the work you do with our vulnerable youth.


Soup Sundays

soupHomemade soup (sometimes chili), buns, beverages and dessert will be served. There will be a good will offering basket for those who wish to make a donation. Proceeds will be used to help in the community. Everyone is welcome to join us. If you have any questions, please speak to either Judy Martin or Mike Hogg. We thank you for your participation in this outreach project.

                           Dates: May 5th and June 2nd.

Spice Girls Bible Study Group

Spice Girls meet twice a month on Thursdays, at noon, in the Parish hall. Please bring your own soup. If anyone wants to make soup or dessert, feel free to do so. Myrlene Boken is our leader. If you have questions about the group or want to join, please contact her at 705-456-6731.

Our next meeting is May 9th.                      

Myrlene Boken receives ODT

On January 1st, 2019, Myrlene Boken was one of 43 recipients of the Order of the Diocese of Toronto (ODT) in a beautiful Evensong Service and award ceremony. Bishop Andrew Asbil presided over the service. We are very proud of Myrlene's accomplishments and she certainly deserved to win this prestigious honour. Congratulations Myrlene!

Photo courtesy of Canon John Read.


Calling New Choir Members

If you love to sing, the choir needs you!! No formal choir experience necessary. Practice is after service on Sundays. Please speak to Jean Zielke our organist, if you are interested or talk with any of the choir members. We would love to have you join us.


Cemetery By-Laws (St. Peter’s Cemetery Board)


George Leggett 2Two historical documents were dedicated at St. Peter's Anglican Church. The first is a three-ringed binder of census, births, marriages and death information about the Reverend Canon Morgan and his family. He planted nine Anglican churches in the Barrie area, St. Peter’s being one of them. The second is a three-ringed binder of census, births, marriages and death records for all the clergy who have served at St. Peters from 1856 to the present day. The binders are presented in gratitude for all the years of selfless service to the Anglican Church. The two binders were researched and presented to the archives by George Leggett, who worked endless hours compiling the information. These are available for viewing in the Parish hall.

*Picture courtesy of Carolyn Smurthwaithe

Spice Girls Fundraising Cards

Ideas-for-handmade-greeting-cards-3Linda Gerow created all-occasion greeting cards as an on-going fundraising project. Handcrafted greeting cards are being offered for a nominal fee, usually $1.00 unless otherwise specified. They are available in St. Peter’s  Parish hall.  Speak to Linda Gerow if you have any questions. Proceeds will go toward Spice girls or Christmas for Kids campaign.