St. Peter’s Contact List

Parish Priest: Interim Parish Priest, Rev. Terry Bennett: 705-458-1801 or

Rector's Warden: Karen Lewis: 705-431-6206

Deputy Rector's Warden: Vacant

People's Warden: Myrlene Boken: 705-456-6731

Deputy People's Warden: Don Richardson: 705-721-6692

Building Manager: Vacant

Treasurer/Envelope Secretary: Susanne Thompson: 705-733-4006

Pastoral Care Ministry: Parish Office: 705-458-1801

Organist and Music Director: Jean Zielke: 705-456-2696

Head Server: Mike Burrows: 705-436-7500

Altar Guild: Carol Smurthwaite: 705-436-1522

Cemetery Board Chairman: Vacant

Reader Leader: Carole Pawsey-Ciraco: 705-431-2428

Screening Coordinator:  Karen Lewis: 705-431-6206

Sunday Prayer List/Intercessors: Rev. Terry Bennett: 705-456-4396

Parish Rectory: 705-458-4490

Sunday School/Spice Girls: Myrlene Boken: 705-456-6731

St. Peter’s Church

Sunday Service: 9:15 am

< 2017 >
  • 9:30 am-11:30 am
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    Our next wardens meeting will be held in the parish hall at 9:30am.  The treasurer and wardens are asked to attend.  At this meeting we’ll be finishing our financial planning and strategic review for 2017.
  • 7:30 pm-9:00 pm
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    Members of the congregation and leaders of the various ministries at St. John’s are invited to gather with St. John’s executive to review our church’s 2017 budget.  We will also be working on plan events and programs for the year ahead.   Join us at 7:30pm in the parish hall. All are welcome