St. Peter’s Sunday School

Sunday School: 2019

Sunday School

During Lent the children will be studying the “Lords Prayer”, our Lenten project this year will be to fundraiser for the SPCA in Barrie.  The children are quite excited to do something for animals. There will be a donation basket at the back of the church for items to be donated and a money jar. The children will be encouraged to do special projects during lent to raise money to buy products or cash donations. They will be  making and selling dog biscuits, bandannas and doggy scarves beginning April 7th. The children will be delivering their packages to the SPCA in Barrie on April 28th. We must all be at the SPCA by 11:00 am. We will have to leave right after church.  The children will get a tour and will get to pet some of the animals.   If any of the parents would like to do lunch afterwards, please speak to Myrlene.  It might be a fun idea.

 Monetary donations
 Gift cards (Walmart, Dollarama, Michaels, Canadian
Tire, Home Hardware, Pet stores)
 Small food scales (used to weigh kittens)
 Large and sturdy bins with lids (used to hold dog and
cat food. Must be thick plastic to keep the mice away)
 Paper towel
 Dish soap
 Antibacterial hand soap
 Step stool (need one or two of these for cleaning)
 Brooms and dust pan
 Office supplies (paper, pens, etc.)
 Ziplock bags
 One or two ferret cages
 Garden hoses
 Sun Shades for kennels (home Depot has great ones)


Palm Sunday 2018

Christmas Pageant: 2018

The children study the stories in four labs:

The Computer Lab (The Church Mouse Pad), The Cooking Lab (Martha's Bistro), The Video Lab (Holy Word Theater) and the Art Lab (Thou Art Studios) We have a large group of talented volunteers who teach every Sunday.  All teachers are screened. In addition to the time in Sunday School, each child will have an opportunity to use their gifts and talents in the church service throughout the year. Myrlene Boken is the Sunday school coordinator and can be reached at 705-456-6731 if you have any questions.

All children rotate throughout the various labs, from preschool to grade six. Older children have the opportunity of worshiping in the service or they can volunteer in the Sunday school to help with the younger classes.

Bistro church mouse pad 2 church mouse pad holy word theatre paint pad

The four new labs are featured above. The children are enjoying a different lab each Sunday as they learn about the bible stories.

Special Events

  • Each year there is a Palm Sunday Parade. The procession leaves from the local Churchill Library and makes its way to the church for 9:15 service. This is a family and community event that is not to be missed. The Hosanna banner leads the way, while participants wave their palms.
  • Every summer the children and youth join together for VBS (Vacation Bible School).
  • An unrehearsed Christmas Pageant is performed every December
  • The children are encouraged to 'give back' and choose a different outreach project each year to support
  • Older youth are encouraged to assist at community dinner and events offered by the church
  • Family outings are planned throughout the year.