St. Peter’s Sunday School

  S u n d a y S c h o o l N e w s ! !


The last Sunday school Sunday until September will be on June 24th.

Sunday school classes are offered during the morning service for all ages from September to June. Our coordinator is Myrlene Boken @ 705-456-6731.

For the next four weeks (April-May) the children are studying the Widows Mite (Offering). We will be focusing on sharing our gifts and trying to understand what it is like for the poor of today and back in Jesus' time. On April 22 and 29th the children, in Martha's Bistro, will be making food from a typical food bank hamper. Everyone will be invited to share in our cooking after church these two Sundays. Bring an appetite.

C h i l d r e n ’s  L e n t e n  O u t r e a c h                P r o j e c t

This year the children put together Easter Gift Baskets for the Seniors on the 3rd floor of the Seniors Integrated Care Unit at RVH. Many seniors who are hard to place in Long Term Care, live here. Many do not have a lot of family visiting them. We have been in contact with the Recreation Director and they would love to receive something for these seniors. They often fall through the cracks of outreach programs because people are not aware that this unit exists. They made twelve baskets in total for women and men and decorated them with cheery cards and flowers to wish the residents a Happy Easter.

It is important that the children are involved in purchasing the items for these baskets.. The children made sandwiches and dessert on March 4th for the soup luncheon. They earned some money toward the seniors baskets.

Palm Sunday 2018


Christmas Pageant on Dec. 17th.

2017 Lenten Children's Project

During Lent, the children made “Blessing Bags” for the homeless at the David Busby Centre in Barrie. The children used their allowance to buy items as needed. They also put money in the jar for purchasing items. The bags were packaged on Easter Sunday.

bags for busbybags 4

bags 3bags 2

The children study the stories in four labs:

The Computer Lab (The Church Mouse Pad), The Cooking Lab (Martha's Bistro), The Video Lab (Holy Word Theater) and the Art Lab (Thou Art Studios) We have a large group of talented volunteers who teach every Sunday.  All teachers are screened. In addition to the time in Sunday School, each child will have an opportunity to use their gifts and talents in the church service throughout the year. Myrlene Boken is the Sunday school coordinator and can be reached at 705-456-6731 if you have any questions.

All children rotate throughout the various labs, from preschool to grade six. Older children have the opportunity of worshiping in the service or they can volunteer in the Sunday school to help with the younger classes.

Quilt for Youth Haven by Sunday schoolFeb. 14th, 2016: The children in Sunday school finished tying off the edges on the quilt they are donating to Youth Haven. This project has helped the children realize the need in the community for something as basic as a quilt that we all take for granted. Thanks to all the children who worked on this.

Feb. 7th, 2016: Cameron puts some money he has earned into the jar at church as part of the Lenten project for the Sunday school. Children are earning money by doing chores for their parents and others, collecting what they can for the food bank. WTG Cameron.

Lucas washing dishes 2 Lucas washing dishes

Lucas washing dishes at Grandma's house to earn money for the Food Bank as their Lenten project.

JocelynJocelyn 1 Jocelyn 3

Jocelyn earns her money for the jar by rescuing the cover for the BBQ! Good job, Jocelyn

Jocelyn putting money in the jar

Jocelyn puts her donation into the jar for the Food Bank.

Feb. 7th, 2016 the children made some donations for Youth Haven. Each child put together a gift and decorated the cards with their names and ages. This is our children learning how to give of their time and talents to those in our community. Below are three pictures taken of the gifts and two of our children, Emma and Jase Williamson, showing the gifts they made.

emma Jase SS box

Bistro church mouse pad 2 church mouse pad holy word theatre paint pad

The four new labs are featured above. The children are enjoying a different lab each Sunday as they learn about the bible stories.

Special Events

  • Each year there is a Palm Sunday Parade. The procession leaves from the local Churchill Library and makes its way to the church for 9:15 service. This is a family and community event that is not to be missed. The Hosanna banner leads the way, while participants wave their palms.
  • Every summer the children and youth join together for VBS (Vacation Bible School).
  • Family outings are planned throughout the year.


St. Peter’s Church

Sunday Service: 9:15 am

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  • 9:30 am-11:30 am
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    Our next wardens meeting will be held in the parish hall at 9:30am.  The treasurer and wardens are asked to attend.  At this meeting we’ll be finishing our financial planning and strategic review for 2017.
  • 7:30 pm-9:00 pm
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    29 Church St, Cookstown, ON, Canada
    Members of the congregation and leaders of the various ministries at St. John’s are invited to gather with St. John’s executive to review our church’s 2017 budget.  We will also be working on plan events and programs for the year ahead.   Join us at 7:30pm in the parish hall. All are welcome