St. Peter’s


Sunday school classes will be offered during the morning service for all ages from September 10th, 2017.

In 2016, we introduced the SPARK Rotation model. Myrlene Boken is the Sunday school organizer. If you have questions please contact her at 705-456-6731. Activities are being planned for a fun season ahead. Call Myrlene at 705-456-6731 for all info.

The children study the stories in four labs. All children rotate throughout the various labs, from preschool to grade six. Older children have the opportunity of worshiping in the service or they can volunteer in the Sunday School to help with the younger classes.

Special Events

  • Each year there is a Palm Sunday Parade. The procession leaves from the local Churchill Library and makes its way to the church for 9:15 service. This is a family and community event that is not to be missed. The Hosanna banner leads the way, while participants wave their palms.
  • Every summer the children and youth join together for VBS (Vacation Bible School). Everyone is welcome to join in. Bring a friend!
  • Family outings are planned throughout the year. Come and join us:
  • Parish Picnic 2017: Bouncy castle with the kids
  • bouncy horses waiting for the riders Fr. Matt and the kids

St. John’s


We are all looking forward to the new season of Sunday School which starts on September 10th, 2017.

Mandy and Jenni have been working this summer to build our lesson plans for the fall and there is lots happening this year.  This year our children will be getting a passport and heading off travelling through the bible for their lessons and focus this summer.  Please feel free to speak to our teachers if you have any questions about the program or want to sign up.  Please call 705-721-9931 to talk to either Jenni or Mandy.

Classes are during the morning service (11:15 am) for all ages in a supervised area. Children learn through friendships, crafts and singing to celebrate Jesus’ love.

Nursery available. Please call 705-458-1801 for information.

Parish Picnic 2017

Bouncy castle with the kids Fr. Matt and the kids