St. Peter's 

 6254 Yonge Street
Churchill, Ontario

Sunday Service:
9:15 a.m.


St. John's
Anglican Church,

29 Church Street,
Innisfil, Ontario

Sunday Service:
11:15 a.m.


We are re-opening!

The Parish of Cookstown and Churchill will be celebrating a combined morning service beginning October 10th at St. John's at 10:15 a.m. The Zoom service will also be broadcast at that time. The following Sunday, October 17th, the service will be celebrated at St. Peter's at 10:15 with the Zoom service being broadcast from there. Alternate Sundays will continue until further notice. 

Oct. 10th @ St. John's; Oct. 17th @ St. Peter's; October 24th @ St. John's; October 31st @ St. Peter's.

Nov. 7th @ St. John's; Nov. 14th @ St. Peter's; Nov. 21st @ St. John's; Nov. 28th @ St. Peter's.

If you have questions, contact Fr. Greg at 705-221-3568. 


Photo credit Judy Klementti

Please follow this YouTube link to access services that Fr. Greg has performed, including Talks from the Comfy Chair.

For Pastoral Care contact Fr. Greg @ 705-221-3568.


Online Christmas Bazaar


The Parish of Churchill and Cookstown, will be having a combined online Christmas Bazaar/Auction again this year. We are still in the planning stages, but the bidding will begin from Nov. 1-Nov. 28th. It will be run the same as last year by accessing an auction website with various items you may bid on.  The auction website is being worked on and should be ready for viewing in the very near future.

Watch for updates!

Amazing Grace/Our Chains are Gone Video

Amazing Grace/Our Chains are Gone combined choir with St.Peter's and St. John's, led by Don Grigg


Donations to St. Peter's and St. John's

If you wish to make a donation to St. Peter's at this time, you may send a cheque to 6254 Yonge Street, Churchill On LOL IKO

We also off the PAG method of payment, in which the monthly amount can be set and funds will be taken directly from your account. No fuss, no worry.

If you wish to make a donation to St. John's at this time, you may send a cheque to 29 Church Street, Cookstown, LOL ILO.