Welcome 2020

Happy New Year!! It’s not just a new year; it’s a brand new decade. 2020 marks the beginning of an exciting ten years for us to do, or not do, whatever we please. It’s a time for renewal, a time to reflect and a time to think about the future. A road lies before all of us. How will we travel it? How will we make it memorable? How will we live our lives? It’s exciting but also quite daunting.

The page is blank. You can write whatever you wish. Reach to others and lend a hand, tell someone how much they mean to you, offer your time, your wisdom, your knowledge. Don’t ever think that it wouldn’t be appreciated. It would be. Perhaps a dear friend is going through a difficult time and needs a friendly ear to listen or just a shoulder to lean on; perhaps someone to wipe away the tears. Maybe they are trying to make a decision that isn’t easy and they could use some advice. Just being there is the greatest gift one can give.

Recently I came across something that was posted on Facebook on New Year’s Day. I have decided it would be good to share it here.

First, I would like to wish everyone a very happy, joyful and healthy 2020. May all your wishes come true, may your burdens be light and may your friends and family always be there for you. Happy New Year everyone.