Having a chat after service on New Years.

A New Year's 'toast' with non-alcoholic bubbly

A few nibblies

Christmas for Kids Dec. 14, 2022


                                                                                                                                At Stroud arena. Bags gathered waiting for all the gifts. Linda, Joanne and Anthony working in the 'stocking' room. All kids 10 and under get a stocking too!! Gift bags waiting for the 'Moms' and Dads. Thanks to Judy K and Judy M for that. Everyone works so hard to make this Christmas for Kids so successful.

FREE Turkey Dinner @ St. Peter's Dec. 3, 2022

Getting ready for Advent and Christmas at St. Peter's

Thank you for the pictures Judy Klementti


Getting Ready for Advent @ St. Peter's

Good Friday Stations of the Cross @ St. John's April 15, 2022