A Word of Welcome

On behalf of our 2 congregations, St. Peter’s Churchill and St. John’s Cookstown, we would like to welcome you to the virtual sphere of our parish. Our churches are located in growing and active communities in Simcoe County, with lots of residential development and construction underway. This growth of population in our surrounding communities reflects the growth that we feel is occurring in our churches, as we welcome newcomers and draw together fellow Christians in worship, prayer and service.

Our parish offers a wide variety of programs and activities. We have educational programs and small group activities for Women, Men and Couples. We host meals and social events for seniors and the newly retired. We have a growing Youth/Sunday school ministry that organizes outings beyond the church and also engages our young people locally in service and spiritual growth. Our 2 congregations are very much involved in local outreach programs, which are targeted towards children, families and those in serious need. All this is in addition to our music programs, weekly worship, church suppers and many other activities. There are many opportunities to serve, pray, rest or enjoy fellowship here. I invite you to meet us by exploring our website. There is no better way to connect than in person, so please know that guests are always welcome at any of our Sunday services.


Parish Building Updates

 2018: Thank you to Sadie and Peter Kramer @ St.Peter's for helping us get the back door installed. They spent three long days at the church; it was a very big job!  A new frame was put in and the brick was levelled to prevent future moisture from collecting and rusting the door and lifting the tiles inside  at the door entrance.  Thank you to Todd and Karen for picking up the door and delivering it for us.  The door was  part of an end of summer sale at Rona so we got a very good price.  The door is now vented, so the folks in the kitchen can cool off when the kitchen gets too hot. We also thank Sadie for spearheading the two clean up days at St. Peter's, one in June and one in November. Great work everyone.
2016/17: We have had a busy and productive year in both our church congregations. A special highlight was that St. Peter's completed its 5 year plan to fund raise for and install our new steel roof. We were blessed to be able to clad our steeple, church and Parish hall in a new steel roof that will last for many, man years. Thanks to all who contributed to and worked on this landmark project!
We would like to thank Mr. Elliott of Sargeant concrete for his generous donation and delivery of concrete that was used to repair St. Peter's  front entrance ramp on July 31, 2017.  We are so appreciative of this gift, and for the driver’s patience as we moved the concrete. 

Our church building is over 155 years old and so there is always a lot of upkeep.  This past winter saw some notable deterioration of a concrete walkway at the main entrance.  It became a safety priority as many people require accessibility to the building, and the existing ramp had crumbled.  Our church enjoys a broad spectrum of regular attendees, and so ensuring safe passage and access is of critical importance to us.

At St. John's we have undertaken a number of building upgrades as well. We installed new furnaces and air conditioning for the church and Parish hall. We upgraded and further expanded our organ for enhanced sound and we recently installed a new sound system and new upholstered foam seat cushions for all our pews.

Anointing Sunday

anointingAnointing will take place during Communion on the 3rd Sunday of every month at both churches.