A Word of Welcome

Service Update: During this recent lockdown, there will be no in-person services at either church. There will be a Zoom service at 10:15 a.m. at St. John's for both congregations. Please contact Fr. Greg if you have questions at 705-221-3568 or email gcgilson1@gmail.com

On behalf of our 2 congregations, St. Peter’s Churchill and St. John’s Cookstown, we would like to welcome you to the virtual sphere of our parish. Our churches are located in growing and active communities in Simcoe County, with lots of residential development and construction underway. This growth of population in our surrounding communities reflects the growth that we feel is occurring in our churches, as we welcome newcomers and draw together fellow Christians in worship, prayer and service.

Our parish offers a wide variety of programs and activities. We have educational programs and small group activities for Women, Men and Couples. We host meals and social events for seniors and the newly retired. We have a growing Youth/Sunday school ministry that organizes outings beyond the church and also engages our young people locally in service and spiritual growth. Our 2 congregations are very much involved in local outreach programs, which are targeted towards children, families and those in serious need. All this is in addition to our music programs, weekly worship, church suppers and many other activities. There are many opportunities to serve, pray, rest or enjoy fellowship here. I invite you to meet us by exploring our website. There is no better way to connect than in person, so please know that guests are always welcome at any of our Sunday services.


Pastoral Care

Please contact Fr. Greg @ 705-221-3568

Anointing Sunday

anointingAnointing will take place during Communion on the 3rd Sunday of every month at both churches.


Fellowship Groups

Spice Girls                    TGIS (over 40 Group                 Bible Study