The Parish of Churchill and Cookstown came together in 1993. Before that St. John's Cookstown was a two point parish with St. Luke's Pinkerton and St. Peter's was in a two point parish with St. Paul's, Innisfil. In 1993, St. Paul's Innisfil became an independent church and St. Peter's, being a smaller congregation, needed to find a new partner.  The most likely church due to our proximity to one another was St. John's, Cookstown. With the subsequent closing of St. Luke's Pinkerton, St. Peter's and St. John's became a two point parish.

Multi-point parishes share a priest and all of the costs associated with the priest, including the rectory, clergy expenses and the parish office. Each church has its own executive, but there is also a combined parish executive that meets several times a year to discuss matters that impact both churches.  It is a very good way of helping smaller congregations stay active; there is a wonderful working relationship between both churches.

Fellowship Groups

                   TGIS (over 40 Group)                                Bible Study