St. John's Church - Sunday Service: 11:15 am

Brief History of St. John’s – “The Little Church with the Big Heart”

St. Johns 1St. John's has been providing a place for people, both local and visiting, to gather, create community, and worship together since 1853. Before it was built, missionaries travelled great distances on horseback to minister to groups that had assembled in homes and in barns in this area.

Plans to erect a building were put into full swing when a Mrs. Haggarty donated an acre of land in memory of her father, Mr. Perry, one of the first settlers of the village. Two hundred and thirty-nine pounds were raised to build it.

The doors for divine service first opened in January 1853. Since then, it has undergone a few enlargements and several renovations to meet the needs of the growing congregation, as well as changing times and technologies. Although much has changed since she first opened her doors, the spirit that created St. John's, still lives and thrives in the community.

The parish hall was completely renovated in 2008. In 2011, some essential repairs to our bell tower were conducted and fundraising efforts were begun to complete the balance of repairs required in order for our village to once again hear the marvellous bell toll.

10647174_1499711800312616_6324363531102384417_nPhoto of the exterior of St. John's Anglican Church.The original church was built in 1853 on a one-acre plot of land donated by a Mrs. Haggerty in memory of an early Cookstown pioneer, her father Mr. Perry.