Sunday School 2020

Our journey through the jungle will continue in the New Year, however the adventure will change a little. Following the alphabet, we will be using the ABC’s to explore bible stories about prophets, heroes, children, parents and more. From “A is for Abraham: to “Z is for Zacchaeus”, our lessons will help us learn biblical characters, places, events and God’s love for us.

St. John’s Sunday Schoo

February 2:                  D – Disciples

February 9:                  Valentine’s Day Party **Sunday School Children and Congregation are invited to wear red and pink to show their LOVE for God!**

We are asking parents to tell us their email so we are able to send reminders about Sunday events to the students.  Please forward your email to to receive updates and news about our Sunday School Program.

 Any questions or concerns please call Jenni or Mandy at 705-725-9931.