St. Peter’s Contact List

Parish Priest: Rev. Gregory C Gilson:  705-221-3568 or

Rector's Warden:  Judy Klementti: 705-721-6692

Deputy Rector's Warden: Joanne Lemoine: 705-458-4030

People's Warden:  Maggie Barton Collins: 705-456-0760

Deputy People's Warden: Don Saunders: 705-456-5541

Treasurer : Nancy Bell: 705-458-4388 (Parish)

Organist and Music Director: Jean Zielke: 705-456-2696

Altar Guild: Norm and Carol Smurthwaite: 705-436-1522

Head Server: Temporarily vacant

Sides Person Head: Temporarily Vacant

Cemetery Board Chairman/Burial Plots: Don Richardson: 705-721-6692

Reader Coordinator: Fr. Greg: 705-221-3568

Screening Coordinator:  Fr. Greg: 705-221-3568

Sunday Prayer List/Intercessors: Valerie Gilson 705-929-2358

Parish Rectory:  705-221-3568 

Sunday School: TBA

Burial plots


St. Peter's Anglican Church, Churchill

6254 Yonge Street, Churchill, Ontario L0L 1K0

Contact: Fr. Greg @ 705-221-3568

Sunday In Person Service: 9:15 a.m.