Innisfil's C4Kids (year-round)

Supporting the Citizens of Innisfil for Twenty Years

Christmas for Kids” originated out of St. Peter's Church over twenty years ago. In order to access more donations from the community, Christmas for Kids became a registered charity in 2012 but has grown to involve the entire community.  Today the program supports families and children from seven Innisfil schools. The United Churches in Gilford and Churchill, the Anglican Churches in Churchill and Cookstown and the Innisfil Community Church, all support the program. In addition, many Innisfil organizations and business are supporting the program. The registered name is “Christmas for Kids” (all year round). 

It has been a wonderful time again for Innisfil's C4Kids (year- round) 2019. Below is a link to the website should you wish to learn more about what they do.

We supported 141 families and 417 people, mostly children and a few parents that needed warm clothing.  In addition, there were 26 vulnerable teens.  Everyone was very helpful in transporting sorting and wrapping gifts. Thank you so much. Our year end report will be in the Vestry reports of both the Anglican and United churches.

How Do We Help at Christmas?

Christmas for Kids helps Innisfil families at Christmas by providing them with:

  • Turkey and food (enough to last over the holidays)
  • A small gift certificate to buy perishables for Christmas dinner
  • Gifts for each child. We try to give gifts geared to the child’s interests. We also take advantage of this contact to ensure that the children have coats, boots and warm clothing

We know that Christmas can be a stressful time for families if they have limited financial resources. We try to take the pressure off families. All of our clients are treated with respect; all information is kept confidential.  Innisfil has many generous residents who want to help  at Christmas.

How do we help "All Year Round"

Christmas for Kids helps Innisfil families throughout the year:

  • Easter and Thanksgiving Food drives in coordination with local schools
  • Birthday present program, for children who are invited to birthday parties but cannot afford to purchase a gift
  • Assistance with back to school supplies in September
  • Families in crisis, needing food, clothing,
  • Calls from the school to assistance a student in need.

Who do we help?

Many of our clients are dealing with:

  • Unemployment, or underemployment. They do not make enough money for the necessities.
  • Health issues of either of the parents or the children. Health concerns can put a family at risk when there are no long term medical benefits.
  • Single parents, both men and women.
  • Vulnerable Teens, living independently
  • Seniors who do not have resources to purchase Christmas dinner or purchase gifts for grandchildren

How Does Someone Get Help?

  • If you have children in an Innisfil public school or secondary school system, you can speak to the school principal confidentially and they will refer you.
  • If you do not have children in the Innisfil public school system, please call one of the telephone numbers at the back of this pamphlet. You must show proof you are an Innisfil resident and be able to tell us a little about your situation.

Pancake Supper (Shrove Tuesday)

St. Peter's annual Pancake Supper, the day before Ash Wednesday, is offered as a donation only outreach supper. Runs from 5-7 p.m. with sausages, pancakes, dessert and beverages. Everyone is welcome. Wheel chair access at side door. We are kid friendly! Coordinators are Norm Smurthwaite and Andy Gerow. 705-436-9769.

Weekly Euchre

EuchreSt. Peters hosts a weekly Euchre game in the Parish hall every Wednesday at 1 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. Also, each spring, an Appreciation Luncheon is served to let our Euchre players know how much we appreciate all they do for St. Peter's. Please call Jean Wallace @ 705-458-9795 for information.



customLogoFaithworks is an annual Diocesan campaign that supports people who need our help in many different ways.  The poor, the abused, the lonely, the young and the old, people struggling with addictions, the newly released from prison, the homeless and people overseas who have suffered from natural disasters , famine or oppressive living conditions all benefit from The Faithworks Campaign.  This is one way we can reach even further afield to help those in need.

To make things easier for you there are monthly envelopes at the back of the church which already have your number  printed on them.  Any amount of donation, big or small will be gratefully accepted.

If you have any questions please speak with Fr. Greg @ 705-221-3568. We thank you in advance for your support.

*Update: The Rural Outreach Committee, ROC, is an emergency shelter for people in need, regardless of race, religion, social, economic situation, political views, sexual orientation or preference. The ROC provides a 24-hour confidential "Safe Zone" for victims of violence and their families. The ROC will also provide temporary shelter for individuals who suddenly find themselves homeless because of flooding, fire or other emergency due to natural disaster.