The Sunday School Connection

Have you ever been new to a community and decide after you’re  settled that you would like to find a church for your family? I think this has happened to all of us at one time or another. But what to do?

Most will turn to the Internet to see what is available in their new community and very often they will have children who will play a big role in the decision of choosing a home church.

Yes, curb appeal is nice but what is going on inside that church is so important. At St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Churchill, we place great emphasis on our children and youth. In fact, our children are our most important commodities. They are our future, and we try very hard to make sure their church experience is a happy, learning experience.

Two years ago we introduced a new Sunday school rotation program, headed by Myrlene Boken and her excellent team of teacher volunteers. The Parish hall was divided into four ‘pads’: The Mouse Pad (computer station); Martha’s Bistro (cooking pad); The Holy Word Theatre (music) and Thou Art Studio (art and creativity centre). Through each of these pads, the children grow in Christ and learn how to interact with each other and those in the community. Reaching out became their goal.

As our program progressed, the children began to reach out to the community, making blankets for Youth Haven in Barrie, earning money with Lenten projects to donate to the Food Bank, preparing gifts for less fortunate in the community, taking part in the annual Palm Sunday procession and performing at the annual Christmas and Easter church pageants.

Each week they are taught how to give back in unselfish ways. Participating in the annual Christmas for Kids campaign shows our children how fortunate they are and how important it is to make sure that other children who are less fortunate,  have an opportunity for a joyous Christmas too.

Our Sunday school boasts a wonderful group of children, who genuinely enjoy their weekly experience. The adults take joy in seeing them each week and get caught up in their enthusiasm.We welcome all newcomers to our community and invite one and all to join us any Sunday at 9:15 a.m.

Our Sunday school superintendent is Myrlene Boken. Feel free to contact her at 705-456-6731.

Feel free to contact our rector, Rev. Greg Gilson at any time.  (705-221-3568 (cell)

We look forward to meeting you.

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  1. I love being a Sunday School teacher at St. Peter’s because of so many positive aspects. The kids are so engaged and because the curriculum covers a number of weeks, the children come back eager to learn more about the story and lessons being taught. The many outreach programs that the Sunday School is involved in helps to teach the children how to apply their faith in their everyday lives. It is a lesson for all of us!!!

    Please feel free to come join us Sunday mornings as we lead the children in their knowledge of God and Jesus and help them on their journey of faith.

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